No One Reads the First Post Anyway

I suppose part of the reason it took me so long to get started was I was afraid of this first entry. I’ve seen a lot of blogs in my time with a first post of “I’m Katrina and this will be my blog about my random life and stuff, I’ll try to update it every week!” On such sites, the first post is also the last. So the first post of my blog scared me because it seemed just as likely to be an introduction as a death knell. Like playing Russian Roulette with the starting gun.*
Normally one might use the first post to explain the point and purpose of the blog. But there will be an About page for all that nonsense, which will be so much easier to access for latecomers to the site than some arbitrary post I wrote before I really knew what I was doing.
So here it is: the first post. Hopefully you didn’t read it.

*I ran track in junior high. This simile is ridiculous and inaccurate.