Fun Facts of Lent, Day Two: Episcopal Roots

I’m an Episcopalian, which is the noun used to describe a member of the Episcopal Church (FYI if you want to describe something of or relating to the Episcopal Church, the adjective form is Episcopal). My church has been around for about 230 years, and started after the American Revolution when members of the Church of England found they could no longer be a part of a denomination that required clergy to swear allegiance to the British monarchy.

As a descendant of the Church of England the Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion, an international group of churches that share similar traditions and beliefs. Recently the leaders of the Communion suspended the Episcopal Church from voting. This was in response to our decision to start conducting same-gender marriages in all dioceses. This suspension is in effect until our next church-wide governing convention, but there’s no reason to believe we’d go back on our stance. As Jim Naughton said, “We can’t repent what is not sin.”