Fun Facts of Lent

A series of thoughts on religion and faith I published as my Lenten discipline for 2016.

Day One: This Makes Me Uncomfortable

Day Two: Episcopal Roots

Day Three: My Holy Spirit

Day Four: Reflections on the Death of Justice Scalia

Day Five: Female Clergy

Day Six: I Really Love Harry Potter

Day Seven: Catholic Lite

Day Eight: The Stained Glass Ceiling

Day Nine: Jonah and the Big Scary Fish

Day Ten: What do you want to know?

Day Eleven: About a Boy

Day Twelve: It Never Hurts to Ask

Day Thirteen: Trans Issues in the Church

Day Fourteen: The Bible

Day Fifteen: Leviticus

Day Sixteen: Sin

Day Seventeen: She Bop

Day Eighteen: Forgotten Women of the Bible

Day Nineteen: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

Day Twenty-One: Female Disciples

Day Twenty-Two: Esther

Day Twenty-Three: The Irish Prayer

Day Twenty-Four: The Forgotten Desert Mothers

Day Twenty-Five: The Separation of Church and State

Day Twenty-Six: The Separation of State and Church

Day Twenty-Seven: Top Ten Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ordained

Day Twenty-Eight: On Fictional Bible Stories

Day Twenty-Nine: Image Break

Day Thirty: Creation of the Old, Old Earth

Day Thirty-One: Believing in Other Religions

Day Thirty-Two: Abortion

Day Thirty-Three: Favorite Hymns

Day Thirty-Four: Bible Translations

Day Thirty-Six: Seven Face-Slapping Facts About Santa Claus

Day Thirty-Seven: Religious Dress

Day Thirty-Eight: To Clarify

Day Thirty-Nine: A Holy Week Primer

Day Forty: How Bishops Are Made

Day Forty-One: The Book of One Man’s Revelation

Day Forty-Two: The Surface of Last Scattering

Day Forty-Three: Hell and Heaven

Day Forty-Four: The Misandry of the Christ

Day Forty-Five: A Pretty Great Story

Day Forty-Six: Reflections on Pouring Your Heart Out for Forty-Six Days Straight