It’s Not Just the Background

Congratulations! If you are a regular follower of this blog and you’re seeing this message, then your work is done.

I’ve moved from to, and in theory my followers and subscribers have been moved as well. I’ll be continuing to blog about travel occasionally and life considerably from this new site, so stay tuned.

In appreciation for you reading this administrative post, here’s a gif of me over the last three weeks, trying to set up a self-hosted website for the first time:

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3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Background

  1. Good stuff. Like the clean easy-to-read website, even if it’s more complicated then appears. What’s the template, by the way?

    • The theme is Misty Lake, which is what I was using back on my old site. Glad you like it! I went through a lot of options before deciding I was better off keeping it as is.

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