Reading Rush (aka BookTubeAThon) 2019 – My TBR

This year the annual reading challenge known as BookTubeAThon has been upgraded to The Reading Rush. The core idea is the same (attempt to read 7 books in seven days while hitting other specified challenges), but it has some fun new social media aspects, sponsors, and most importantly a website where you can track your reading and earn badges:

The Reading Rush takes place from July 22nd through the 28th. For more details as well as an explanation of this year’s challenges, check out this video:

This will be my 5th year participating in this challenge, and I’ve even managed to pull in a few friends and family members to join me. Here’s my current TBR for the week:

1/ Read a book with purple on the cover.
Sal & Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Alberto Pablo Hernandez

2/ Read a book in the same spot the whole time.
Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama

3/ Read a book you meant to read last year.
57 Tips for Organizing Your Small Business by Julie Bestry

4/ Read an author’s first book.
To Kill a Mocking Bird by Lee Harper (might be audiobook, we’ll see)

5/ Read a book with a non-human main character.
Animal Farm by George Orwell (Audiobook)

6/ Read a book with over five words in the title.
Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea by Sarah Pinsker

7/ Read and watch a book to movie adaptation.
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Audiobook)

If you’d like to see the spreadsheet where I plan and track my own reading, you can view it here:

The great thing about the Reading Rush is that there are no consequences to failure, only advantages. If you try to read seven books in seven days you are guaranteed to read more than you would have otherwise, which is a success in its own right. If you’ve never tried the Reading Rush (or any reading challenge) before, this could be the year you start!

Good luck!