About the Author

Fact: I can pair root beers like people can pair wines. There is a right and wrong choice when selecting which brand of root beer you should have with cheese and cracker appetizers versus working in the yard.

Fact: Throughout my life I have been a tour guide for a number of locations, regardless of whether or not anyone asked me to be a guide, or anyone asked to go on a tour.

Fact: Improv comedy is just like a sport. Some people are naturally good at it, but everyone can do it with practice. Unlike all other sports, I am good at improv.

Fact: When you dissect the Nicolas Cage movie “Face Off” using Joseph Campbell’s monomyth theory, the moral of the film is the importance of family.

Looking out on Edinburgh, Scotland from Arthur's SeatFact: I can fake-smoke nine cigarettes at once, and I have photographic evidence to support this. No word on if I could actually smoke nine cigarettes at once, as I have never successfully smoked any cigarettes.

Fact: You cannot find anywhere online to watch or even order complete episodes of “Clean Sweep,” a reality TV show broadcast on TLC between 2003 and 2005. The show involved professional organizers helping people clear out and sort their cutter. I love getting rid of clutter, both mine and other people’s. It is personally painful to me that I cannot re-watch this show.

Fact: I am a white, cis-gender, heterosexual female living in America. I am so close to the full Privilege jackpot, but that one piece I’m missing causes such terrible trouble.

Fact: I am a writer. I can prove it. I wrote this.